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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

19. Rush, Solitary Man, Falling Down

Rush (1991)
i was in tre(n)-eh very early in the morning yesterday being the opposite of the Man in all sorts of mannish glory & when i came home mid-afternoon I had the pleasure of catching this silly fucking movie on the cable television before crashin hard (livin with parents gets that "rich people tv")

actually, it's not very silly. it's pretty fucked. people fuck up. people die. people do drugs! people die because of drugs. people go undercover and do too many drugs. all the drugs. they buy all the drugs. they do ups and downs and they try to catch Gregg Allman. he was the one who fucked Cher in the 80s, right? at least until shit starts to seriously go down it's too cheesy to really worry about the characters. it's 80s cheesy. except i think it came out in the early 90s. yeah. 1991. let's edit this post title. there we go.

so there's Corey Haim's older brother in Lost Boys looking like the bearded avaiator-ed Joaquin Phoenix (wasn't that supposed to be some undercover movie prank bullshit happening sometime with some kind of little Affleck involved? what happened to THAT movie?) except more 80s, then there's Allega from eXistenZ (read Alec's droolings about that one here) bein all Jodie Foster except putting dope in her arm as part of her police duties instead of catching buffalo bill and whatnot. and not as dykey. totally cuter.

did i mention Gregg Allman's in it? how stupid is that? this is a great pic for a mid afternoon hot summer day. It's set in the south. Texas south. just be sure to leave some daylight buffer so you don't disappear into the night with thoughts of withdrawl. The only downside to this movie is that Eric Clapton did the soundtrack (a very poor decision, even & especially for 1991) and there's a terrible terrible instantiation of 'Tears in Heaven' that just makes you go "wow, this is really... really... really... terrible." It pretty much ruins the entire movie. then you realize that Sam Elliott plays Dodd, the mofo police boss. and Sam Elliott was the narrator in the Big Lebowski. the goddamn stranger. and he was in Mask! not the Jim Carrey one. not the sequel(s?)... the one with CHER and the kid with the fucked up face. ROCKY DENNIS 4 LYFE. but seriously... fuck Eric Clapton.

trailer ::

Solitary Man (2010)
after my nap and some outdoor laxing, i spontaneously walked into a small theater and saw this one. total butterlap. Michael Douglas plays an old man who fucks a different woman every night and tries to hide his age from all the 18 year olds he lures into his bed. you don't see MD naked, which is a plus. He had a lot of money, now he doesn't, but i think he's got a pretty good outlook on life... whether or not it's healthy. he comes around in all the necessary ways, his logic is irrefutable, and stable healthy less-sexually-deviant people (ex. his daughter, who's played by Pam from the Office. fuck the british one) start fuckin with his shit because they're MAD JEALOUS. or however you want to interpret it. and the bank bro starts fuckin with his shit cause all the sudden he isn't making bank. and you know what MD tells em? he interrupts the bro as he seals the deal on a milf for the night from across the room then tells the bank bro to go fuck himself. he wakes up with the milf's clothes all over his pad and the milf milfin all over and he's like GTFO, DUMBASS. the fall of the honest car salesman. he does a good job in it, but christ is it depressing in the weirdest of ways. WHY CAN'T WE ALL LIVE AS RECKLESSLY. oh, and Danny DeVito's in it saving mikey's ass and makin sandwiches all over the place. yknow that milf from Weeds? she's in it. MD makes that situation a FAMILY AFFAIR. oh snap. yeah, it's crazy. Imogen Poots is involved. and i didn't even know she existed, but she's got a real fuckin giggleworthy name and is mad cute to boot.

but really you should just skip this one and go watch Falling Down. Here's that trailer instead... ::

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  1. saw it. was only one i packed theater under 45. made me feel young