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Saturday, July 3, 2010

21. Jesus' Son (1999)

drugs, booze and cute girls dancing to 60s hits. deranged sped-up sock-hop. sweet ass on purple pants and turqoiuse nipples. blue balled on a horse farm. this is a movie about a guy everyone calls FuckHead. do us both a favor & rest, in peace. don't look too close. heroin in the morning with the morning cartoons. that's not even your kitchen. he just wants some cornflakes. much simpler process. kid friendly process, not one that most adolescents couldn't pull off. dancing octopus. holiday in long term. somebody shot somebody. vw bug like a german toy car gettin rust in the american country. style and function. throw the dead guy out of the car? probably should. FUCKHEAD. lousy birthday. everybody needs an upright piano in their home and all those who HAVE one and don't play it should donate it to some junkies and hear their songs. junkie chicks who puke WILL TURN ON YOU and then you're out. two feet get you pretty far. how far have you walked? steal a car! use the jukebox at the diner. waitresses never forget. wayne shakes. money. dope. nodding out. making money. "you know you're bleeding from the nose?"
new jersey's so dense. pennsylvania sucks...
even more frontier, where this must take place - with lower income. more practical people by heart, by brain muscle memory. rip the copper out the walls.

THIS MOVIE HAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME IN IT WHILE BILLY CRUDUP SWINGS A HAMMER DANCING AROUND A ROOM with trippy old wallpaper. PUKE. "all this work is messin with my high can't we find an easier way to make a dollar?"
and then some absurd. and then some straight. the man in the cowboy hat and the moustache means seriousness.
and then... JOE TEX - THE LOVE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN (way before they used it in Death Proof)

i mean it baby -- through the rain and the desert. who are you? i'm the soul for your soul. i'm your man. now meet Jack Black the orderly, often stealing pills from the cabinet. what's he gonna do about those shoes squitching? stabbed in the eye with a steak knife? really? woooah. rhetorical questions from the nervous nelly in charge cause he's LIMITED. patient complains of knife to the head. stabbing headache? but back to the popping pills all night in the hospital. in the hospital. while you're working. here's ANOTHER movie where jack black gets to say "I save lives." wilco. "she begs me not to miss her"ambiance happening... dope fiends are romantic too. they can be mad cute too. maybe that's their problem. perhaps it's related. JAMES BROWN REFERENCE. "i wanna go to church" "you should go to the county fair"

this isn't one of those movies about drugs where it's about how shitty the drug makes you feel and the vomiting and all that. it's not dramatized with heavy orchestras synchronized to the belt and the spoon and the needle and the squirt and the high. it's not as simple as "aaaah dat junkie did himself in" law & order shot of a OD'd corpse. it's not about the sad junkie ruining his life. it's not even about fiending, or withdrawal. it's past that.. we've seen it. we're building relationships here. the audience with the characters and between the characters themselves. we're having good times popping hospital pills! driving aimlessly! we will continue to have good times and raise these baby rabbits! not morbidly beautiful LOOKING things... talkin straight up beautiful things happening. it snows a lot in the movie, but not all the time. it just SEEMS like it snows a lot. WE'RE TAKIN' THIS DAY BY DAY.

fingertips all yellow from smoking. and everything DickHead touch turns to shit. then he musta laid a pinkyfinger on his optimism. SNAP. the turningpoint(s). maybe this IS gonna be a bad drug movie about how shitty drugs are. i think i've seen this before. does it always have to end this way? well we're not there yet... and obviously he was supposed to be tripping mushrooms to zeppelin right now but they totally couldn't get the rights so it's that lame movie thing where they substitute with some bs. now the movie looks like it's just going to disappoint... but then..... DENNIS HOPPER. with bulletholes in his cheeks. makin friends in rehab, makin friends at AA. and it all comes around. at least in nondisappointmentsway.

ANYWAYS. I recommend it. It's a pretty good one. It feels good too. here's the trailer ::

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  1. This is one i have gotttt to see. Once i pay my Netflix bill i'm getting it asap, definitely not jUST a drug movie it seems.

    thanks for this, and keep them coming.

    I've seen tons of flicks the past couple of months, maybe ill post em up.