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Thursday, September 9, 2010

22. Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

this movie was pretty fucking awesome. members of "the top 10", the richest kids at the richest prep school circa 1981 (in canada? i think this movie's canadian... they're all in highschool and they all drink beer... so... i'm thinking... well whatever...) start getting murdered one by one in the most entertaining and gory ways imaginable. deaths so ridiculous you have to laugh but not cartoonish enough to not squirm. they give everyone a motive to kill just about everyone else and there are so many good fake-outs and tripping balls moments you can't quite put it together... and the twist at the end is truly bizarre.

the budget for this isn't that bad. they wreck a few good cars, have some truly cinematic shots, stage a disco party, there's buckets of blood delicious blood...

y'all should see this one. curtis from alien father got it from best buy for a mere $5. SLASH IT UP.

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