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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

17. The Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)


The story for this film was written by Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach.)

Although the books were intended for children the movie is aimed at the young adults that had the opportunity to enjoy the book years ago. The humor is most definitely aimed at adults, many of the motifs could never be understood by children. For example, Mr. Fox and his wife have a turbulent relationship because although he is a father and a husband, he is a wild animal (sounds a bit like Where the Wild Things Are). Mr. Fox is a clever little guy, quick witted, and sneeeaaakky and ends up getting himself and his family into some dangerous hi jinx while trying to live out his wild side. It's a "family man" story too but really wonderfully portrayed, almost "anti".

All of the animals, dressed in modern clothing, attempt to civilize themselves. All of the underground/forest community aknowledge their animal nature but strive for the civil life.

Lets step away from this story line for a second. It doesn't really matter. Aside from the heartwrenching realization that they ARE animals, everything is fluff ... adorable, humurous, giggly fluff..
What REALLY matters is the stop motion animation. This movie is amazing to look at, every thing you see is a miniature and every setting places you in somewhere wonderful. The Wallace and Grommit movies are just as amazing, visually.

All of the puppets, props, sets, are small scale designs, every frame individually controlled in order to replicate a motion picture. COME ON,--- THAT IS AMAZING.

Every twitch of the ear, grin, wink of the eye done by Badger (Bill Murray), Mr. Fox( Clooney), Ash (Jason Shwartzman) Kristofferson (Eric Anderson) has been individually manuvered.
All of the voice overs are outdoor recordings, and all of the audio comes from natural sounds. Which is efffective in bringing the animation to life.
Basically, i need not say more.
if you just want to see something beautiful, go for it.
hate it, if you want.
want to call something "pussy shit"?, go ahead.
want to love nature? instinct? go.
wanna laugh alot? especially at the opossum superintendent. go.

-K. Hall

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  1. oh hey kristi. nice review. if i had 12 bucks i would go see it.